What is Schools Near?

Schools Near is a Common Application Platform, which simplifies the entire school Search, Application, and Enrolment process for Parents and Students alike. It makes it easy for you to apply to various schools using one single form. Leave all the hassle of filling multiple forms and save on your time and effort. At the same time, Schools Near enables schools to seamlessly accept applications.

Why do parents use and trust Schools Near?

How it Work
Verified Information by school
How it Work
Official Partnership with schools
for accepting applications
Advanced Decision Making Tools
with deep-data analytics
One click apply to multiple schools using
a common form and Real Time online
application submission to schools
All transactions are 100%
Safe and Secure
Powerful One View Dashboard for
parents to track status with real time
status updates from schools.

How Schools Near works?

Seamlessness, explained in a few steps

  • Register

    Create a new account using the ‘Sign Up’ button or
    ‘Sign in’ if you already have an account.

  • Explore Schools
    Explore Schools

    Discover Schools around you in your city. Use Filters to narrow your search to schools that best meet your criteria and do look out for those with a ‘Verified tag’

  • Decide Schools

    Compare Schools on parameters that matter such as fees, admissions dates, and Parent sentiments. Shortlist schools that fit your search.

    Decide Schools
  • One click Apply
    One click Apply

    Apply to one or more schools of your choice by adding them to your cart. Lookout for ‘Official Partner’ tag on schools to apply using Schools Near’s Common Application Form.

  • Add your Child Details

    Simply enter the details of your child to check his/her eligibility for Admission in the shortlisted schools.

    Add your child
  • Make Payment
    Make Payment

    Schools Near comes readily integrated with a secured Payment Gateway for you to make real-time payments to schools. You will receive your Unique Application Number with the Payment Receipt on your registered email address for all the schools, once you’re done.

    Pro-Tip: Take note of the Application Number for further communications.

  • Submit the Common Application Form

    Enter all details as asked for in the Common Application Form. Upload documents wherever necessary. Once you’ve filled the form, review it thoroughly and submit so that the schools can access it in their Schools Near School Panel.

    Fill the Common Application Form
  • Submit Application
    Apply to Multiple Schools

    You will be able to Apply to Multiple Schools with the same form that you’ve filled in earlier. Simply select other schools, review the details, and submit to watch the magic happen!

  • Track your Admission status

    Using the powerful Parent Dashboard, you could keep track of all your applications and it’s status in a single view. You would be updated with your Admission status on the registered Email and Phone Number.

    Track your Admission status